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Patient Stories

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. Watch below a series of minimally edited patient interviews. Patients answered some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), from how they found out they suffer from cardio-vascular problems to the exact procedures they underwent here at TCHandV.

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Leila L.

Just a toe wound that is not healing or PAD?

What happened after you were diagnosed?

After your surgery, your husband also discovered he had PAD

Howard G.

How did you find out that you suffer of venous disease

How was your experience with our staff?

What are your favorite aspects about coming to our clinic?

Would you recommend Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular?

Diane C.

How did you find out about TCHandV?

What symptoms did you experience?

What made you agree to this testimonial?

Would you recommend TCHandV?

Royce D.

What made you contact Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular?

How would you describe your experience at TCHandV?

How did an appointment at TCHandV look like?

How was the arterial intervention in the Cath Lab?

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Whether you suffer from Cardiac, Arterial, or Venous Disease, Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular will ensure your care is tailored to you so you can get back to life.