Patient Stories: Varicose Veins, PAD, Wound Care

Patient Stories: Varicose Veins, PAD, Wound Care

Our Patients

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. Watch below a series of recent patient interviews. We asked them some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), from how they found out they suffer from vascular disease to the exact treatment they undergo here at TCH&V. Listen to the patient testimonials for our Port St. Lucie cardiovascular care clinic below.

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Beckey GirardBeckey Girard
14:55 15 Sep 21
Erin at the front desk and office Manager Janet are the dream team. First class care from EVERYONE in the practice. I LOVE them ❤️
Bob SnyderBob Snyder
16:17 08 Apr 21
This entire practice is built around making a bad situation into a good one. My legs haven't felt this good in at least 20yrs.
Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez
20:34 03 Dec 20
I would like to say so far this group is AWESOME! , i called the other day cause i have vascular issues and they got me in the same day, the experience there was great from the US tech all the way threw the Dr. Claudeanos, they set me up right away for my procedures which i will be getting in the coming weeks, thx, Donna, Erin, Janet, Dr.C, US tech .So I have now had 2 RFA procedures, I must say this office is AWESOME! Dr.C is probably the nicest and knowledgeable vascular Dr I have ever come across and I have seen a few in my days , his entire office staff is also incredible, you feel at ease when you go there, I highly recommend this office if you have heart or vascular issues. 👍
Brendalin BaconBrendalin Bacon
16:17 18 Apr 19
Even tough did not accept my insurance, the office staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The staff was able to provide me with a working knowledge as to what might be going on. Provided information that if need to share with other clinician, it would be helpful.Great Experience
Ruth OvertonRuth Overton
15:51 17 Apr 19
I had such a great time being treated at Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular! The staff is wonderful and create a happy relaxed atmosphere! The doctors are marvelous! I wish I had done this years ago! So glad my neighbor, Donna, told me about them. My legs have never felt or looked better and the cramping and swelling is gone! Please don't hesitate to check them out, they even offer a totally free consult for heart or vascular! Give them a call!

Teresa B. – Vein Patient

How did you find out about your vein issues?

What do you like about Treasure Coast Heart & Vascular?

How did TCH&V help you treat Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Sam L. – PAD Patient

What made your consider TCH&V for treating your legs?

Why does plaque form in a patient’s legs?

After wife’s surgery, Sam discovered he also had PAD

Leila L. – PAD Patient

Just a toe wound that is not healing or PAD?

What happened after you were diagnosed?

After your surgery, your husband also discovered he had PAD

Howard G. – Venous Disease Patient

How did you find out that you suffer of venous disease

How was your experience with our staff?

What are your favorite aspects about coming to our clinic?

Diane C.

How did you find out about TCHandV?

What symptoms did you experience?

What made you agree to this testimonial?

Royce D. – PAD Patient

What made you contact Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular?

How would you describe your experience at TCHandV?

How did an appointment at TCHandV look like?

How was the arterial intervention in the Cath Lab?

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