#50and50 Healthy Veins Campaign

#50and50 Healthy Veins Campaign

#50and50 Campaign

In 2022, Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular wants to make a difference within our community. So, we decided to start the #50and50 Healthy Veins campaign. Our Port St. Lucie vein specialist’s goal is to prevent at least 50 leg amputations and 50 heart attacks this year through free preventative leg screenings. Heart attacks are the number-one killer of all Americans, and lower extremity amputations are a very real and often not talked about close cousin to cardiovascular disease.

These two conditions are related because they both are a result of plaque building up in your arteries, known as atherosclerosis or (Peripheral) Arterial Disease.

Plaque build-up in your heart can lead to heart attacks, and plaque build-up in your legs can lead to amputations. The biggest problem with both of these conditions is that they often go undiagnosed with no symptoms.

The majority of Americans’ first sign of a heart attack is a heart attack. Many patients that undergo leg amputations show zero signs to the untrained eye. Most of these problems can be avoided.

How you might ask? Through early detection. So, for the entire year, our Port St. Lucie cardiovascular disease prevention team at TCH&V will be offering free screenings to diagnose arterial disease.

If you or a loved one are over the age of 40 and would like to help us save 50 lives and 50 legs, sign up for a free screening. It’s that easy!

The leg screening takes about 20 minutes and will be comprised of several non-invasive tests performed by the TCH&V cardiovascular disease prevention team in Port St. Lucie, and will test the functionality of your veins and arteries. After the screening, your results will be reviewed by one of our board-certified vascular physicians, and a plan of care will be provided to you based on your results. With these tests, we can notify at-risk patients and steer them clear of life-threatening risks, and our low-risk patients can be sent home with peace of mind.

Even if you feel that you are in perfect health, you should be screened because arterial disease doesn’t care that you went to yoga last week or that you run 5 miles a day. If you have plaque in your arteries, you are at risk and the only way to find that plaque is through testing.

Join the fight – Call us today to book your FREE leg screening!

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